Our Story So Far

Founder of Jodhpur Curry Express, Richard Gurney, was barely able to walk when his father would arrive back to their home in Surrey having purchased numerous curry dishes from Brick Lane in London.
His mother and father would host curry parties for friends. Richard says he can still remember the wonderful aromas and the excitement of the whole experiences each silver container revealed yet another delicious dish.
Back then, in the late 60’s it would have been pioneering to host curry suppers in Surrey, especially with the curry having been prepared in London’s Brick Lane. This started Richard’s life long love of this delicious cuisine. Subsequently, Richard has become a regular patron to many of the top curry restaurants in London and all over the UK.
Due to the Covid pandemic in 2020 Richard’s property business stalled as many sectors suffered as a result of ‘lock down’. With this extra time on his hands he became focussed on researching why so many curries taste the same and have become tired. When Richard’s father was bringing home curry in the 1960’s there were 300 curry restaurants in the UK, which then exploded to over 3,000 in the 70’s and 80’s. In 2016 the Financial Times disclosed that there were now approximately 12,000. Perhaps this intense competition has led to what we have today. He says “I do not want people to have to settle for moderate or worse when exceptional is available for the same or similar”.
By going in to partnership with the Oriental Club in London, Richard feels he has covered all the bases. Authentic chefs working in the kitchens at Stratford House prepare and package amazing curry using fresh ingredients with years of knowledge and experience. Once packaged the curries are delivered to your home anywhere in mainland UK.
The partnership has grown from a mutual understanding of what we believe people want in a curry experience, and what they want every time they place an order.


Our focus now is to deliver that to your home for you, your family and friends time after time.


Due to the current situation we find ourselves in we are creating a corporate curry box for companies to send to loyal staff and their clients, these are designed to put a smile on the faces of anyone who will receive one.
We would love to hear how we are doing so please do email us at